10 Patio Landscaping Ideas All Homeowners Must See

patio landscapingDo you enjoy dining al fresco, soaking in the sunset, and enjoying a morning cup of coffee with the songbirds?

If so, a patio is a perfect spot to do so.

An outdoor living area is perfect for grilling out, entertaining, playing with your children, or just spending some quality time with nature.

Increasingly, more homeowners agree.

In fact, in 2010 only 59,000 homes sold in the U.S. included a patio. The most recent data shows that more than 96,000 homes now include one.

Want to spruce up your space and add to its appeal? Try patio landscaping!

Supplementing your patio with flowers, shrubs, and greenery is a great way to pay homage to its indoor/outdoor feel.

Today, we’re revealing 10 creative ideas to turn your patio from dull to dynamic in less time than you might think.

Ready to learn more? Let’s get started!

1. Add a Pretty Pergola

Watch enough home decor shows on television, and the word “pergola” will inevitably pop up multiple times — and for good reason.

These wooden structures are an on-trend way to add depth and warmth to a patio. They usually consist of a wooden framework with pillared sides and an open-beam roof.

Adding shade and dimension to your patio landscaping design, pergolas look especially great adorned with climbing vines that can add a colorful punch.

2. Plant a Privacy Hedge

Love your neighbors but don’t want to see directly into their garage while you’re enjoying a family meal on your patio?

A discreet way to add privacy is to plant a hedge of tall trees that can eventually serve as a natural barrier between your space and theirs.

While Leyland Cypress trees are commonly used for this application, they’re not the only option. Feel free to research other fast-growing, high-reaching trees to complement your patio landscaping design.

3. Incorporate a Water Feature

Apart from serving as a serene and peaceful addition to your patio, a small water feature can also help drown out any road noise to enhance the natural feel of your space.

Consider investing in a water fountain or waterfall, and place it within your landscaping, keeping in mind your guests’ line of sight. You want them to be able to see and enjoy the addition — and appreciate its relaxing sound.

4. Add Plenty of Seating

If you plan to eat on your patio, you’ll want to incorporate an outdoor table set or picnic table big enough to seat your family and anticipated regular guests.

In addition, it’s helpful to also have a few lounging chairs, such as Adirondacks, scattered around, so visitors can converse, lie back, and take in your landscaping view.

When planning your seating arrangements don’t forget children too! Giving them a designated space to eat and play can encourage them to sit at the table and help them feel included in family gatherings.

5. Build or Buy a Fire Pit

Like pergolas, fire pits are elements of outdoor decor that continue to rise in popularity. In fact, a recent study reveals that 28% of homeowners plan to add a fire pit to their patio landscaping in the near future.

These handy spaces allow you to use your patio as a spot to make s’mores, roast hot dogs, or just enjoy the aesthetic of a crackling flame.

When incorporating a fire pit into your landscape design, keep in mind that there are several safety measures to take to reduce your risk of the flame traveling into dangerous territory. Here are few key measures you can implement.

6. Plant Year-Round Color

When thoughtfully designed, your patio can serve as a place of community and enjoyment all year long, especially if you install a fire pit for those chilly winter nights!

That said, it’s helpful to consider the blooming season of each plant you use for your patio landscaping.

For example, planting a bevy of azaleas will provide knock-out color during the summer. Yet, if they’re your only shrubs, you could be stuck looking at gray branches all winter long.

Rather, use this handy blooming guide to determine when certain flowering shrubs come to life. Then, choose a mix of plants that will keep your patio colorful, even as the seasons change.

7. Get Creative with Pavers

You can effectively define where your patio ends and your backyard begins by including a border of pavers.

These can be straight-edged or curvy in nature depending on your patio design. You’ll also have your choice from plenty of material options. Some of the top choices include concrete, brick, and stone as these offer a natural tone that blends in seamlessly in most settings.

In addition to adding a neat border, pavers can also help prevent grass from creeping into your patio. When used as edging, they also make mowing around the space much easier.

8. Consider Low-Maintenance Mulch

When planting shrubs around your patio, you may be tempted to simply put them in the ground. It’s worth the extra investment, however, to surround them in a simple mulch bed.

Requiring just one annual replacement application (usually in the spring), mulch is an incredibly low-maintenance and versatile patio landscaping solution.

As it breaks down, it serves to feed your plants and makes the ground richer in the process. Mulch also helps prevent weeds and, depending on your variety, can offer a nice scent to your patio setting.

9. Be Strategic with Grass

If grasses are more your landscaping style over flowering shrubs, the good news is you can easily achieve this look. The only catch? You’ll need to do a little research to determine which types of grass is best suited for your climate.

Choosing the wrong grass can cost you tons of time and money in fertilizing, watering, and other weekly maintenance.

Use this guide to determine what grass to plant, and you’ll enjoy low-maintenance greenery all season long!

10. Don’t Forget Potted Plants

While in-ground plants are essential parts of your patio landscaping, remember that potted plants are also a great option!

Whereas you’ll want to invest in perennial shrubs, these floral touches offer you more flexibility and allow you to play around with colorful annuals that look great for a season. You can also move them around to easily change up the look of your patio.

A fun way to make use of your flower pots? Keep it seasonal, highlighting pretty pinks and yellows in the spring, then switching to deep, autumnal reds and oranges as the temperature begins to dip.

Need More Patio Landscaping Ideas? We Can Help!

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