Understanding the Benefits of Red Cedar Furniture

Red Cedar Furniture

The warm gentle caress of the sun on your skin. The kiss of the breeze on your face. The cool sensation filling you up as the ice-cold lemonade dances on your tongue on this beautiful autumn day.

Fully supported in your sturdy cedar Adirondack chair. Reclining ever so slightly. Feeling at peace. Comfortable. You are at home. In your own backyard.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of red cedar furniture for your back porch or patio.

The Benefits of Red Cedar Furniture

Whether you’re in the market for furniture for your poolside, back deck or front porch, you can’t go wrong with red cedar furniture. From repelling insects to proven durability and the need for low maintenance, there are so many reasons why cedar is the perfect choice for your outdoor area.

1. Naturally Repels Insects

Imagine not having to be concerned with tiny holes being drilled into your outdoor furniture by carpenter bees or carpenter ants. These little pests can eat away the durability of many outdoor furniture pieces, but not so in the case of cedar.

With its naturally occurring oils that stave off insect curiosity, cedar is especially protective against bug damage. This means that it preserves its beautiful appearance for much longer than its counterparts that are more vulnerable to the whims of gnawing pests.

Red cedar puts off a somewhat intense aroma, which is unpleasant to insects while being an attractive scent to humans. And this smell will also repel moths to protect your clothes from mysterious holes when storing clothes for the next season.

2. Protects From Moisture

These same natural oils create a protection against water damage by acting as a natural sealant, not allowing moisture or humidity to settle on your furniture.

These oils also save you a lot of time, money and energy from needing to coat your outdoor furniture with a man-made sealant. Cedar’s natural propensity for protecting your furniture keeps it looking great all year long and for many years to come.

3. Innately Resistant to Rot

Red cedar furniture is known to be sturdy and resilient when it comes to the potential decay of the wood. In comparison with other options for outdoor furniture, cedar has been shown to resist rot even in the most humid of climates.

The same oils that protect cedar from bugs and moisture also combat the chance for rot to take hold.

4. An Elegant Aging Process

All cedar is touted as being one of the best choices for outdoor use against the elements. Red cedar furniture is no exception. This is due to its natural protection from insects, water and rot, as well as its tendency to turn a beautiful silver hue as it ages.

5. Aesthetic Appeal

Most people appreciate the aesthetically pleasing appearance of red cedar furniture, and cedar in general. Cedar is generally regarded as one of the most beautiful woods available.

Those who choose red cedar often do so because it has a unique and woody feel with a rustic appearance. This softwood offers a unique design every time.

6. Sturdy and Durable

You can choose to weatherproof your outdoor furniture, but it’s not often necessary with cedar. Strength and durability have been the hallmarks of cedar throughout history.

Cedar is also heavy in comparison to some other woods, which allows it to withstand heavy wind throughout the year.

It’s approximately 80% as strong as oak, which makes it lighter than oak for easier moving capabilities and heavy enough to stay secure. It can remain securely intact, without being blown about, despite the weather.

If you have children, cedar can be a wonderful choice for children’s outdoor furniture, as well. With its dependable strength, your little one can be his or her naturally rambunctious self without too much worry in your red cedar furniture.

7. Protector Against Fungus and Bacteria

Due to the natural oils present in red cedar furniture, it will protect against mold, fungus and bacteria. The oils create a coating over the furniture that acts as a shield to these intruders.

8. Inborn Insulation Properties

Cedar dons small cavities containing air within the grain of the wood. These cavities help the cedar stay cool in the sweltering heat. This way, your red cedar furniture is wholly inviting no matter the weather.

9. Comparatively Low Cost and Low Maintenance

Cedar is lower cost compared to other woods that don’t have such varied protective qualities. It’s low maintenance and can withstand environmental impact, making it less likely you’ll need to repair your red cedar furniture.

In comparison with its woody counterparts, red cedar is much less likely to shrink or warp in response to environmental factors, making it that much more desirable as a building material for outdoor furniture.

10. Pleasant Aroma

To many, cedar is one of the most pleasant smelling woods out there. It can bring a sense of nature and woodiness to any space and enchants the senses.

11. Environmental Advantages

Red cedar is incredibly resilient and is able to regrow quickly when used as building materials, meaning it replenishes itself and leaves a lesser impact on the environment.

As a natural source for building furniture, red cedar is renewable and biodegradable. It’s also responsibly gathered from the most sustainably cultivated forests on Earth.

Cedar gives off fewer toxins into the environment than other building materials. In fact, not only does it contribute less to pollution, cedar can actually counteract the accumulation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

12. Flame-Spread Resistant With Low Smoke Development

Red cedar is popular among all types of building projects due to its desirable trait as one of the woods most resistant to the spread of fire. Red cedar also boasts low smoke stimulation, meaning if it were to catch fire, there would be less smoke in comparison to other materials.

Finding the Perfect Red Cedar Furniture

Your home is your castle. You want it to feel warm and inviting every time you return after a long day’s work. If you’d like support in finding the furniture that’s right for you, check us out at L. R. Woodworking.

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