7 Smart Small Patio Ideas to Maximize Space

small patio ideas

Patios are a wonderful addition to any home.

If you have a tinier patio, sometimes it can feel that you just don’t have enough space to stretch out and relax. You might shy away from having guests over because your patio doesn’t have room for a lot of people. Don’t worry. It is possible to create more space on your patio. You can make the most of its potential, no matter the season.

Check out these seven small patio ideas for maximizing the tiny space of your backyard addition.

In no time, you’ll be enjoying the luxury of a relaxing and spacious patio, without stretching your wallet!

7 Smart Small Patio Ideas to Maximize Space

1. Don’t forget about the space surrounding your patio.

It’s easy to overlook your yard space, whatever its size.

Giving extra love to your backyard can actually give the illusion of larger outdoor space in general. I can also pull attention away from the smaller feel of your patio. Create an elaborate path of stone pavers or a walkway, for example, that extends into your backyard.

Line this path with yard lights or other decorative statues, fountains, and plants.

You can even put in a garden bench or two to give the sense that relaxation doesn’t have to happen on the patio alone!

This is one of the best small patio ideas because it allows for a lot of creativity. It also ensures that your backyard gets some additional care and attention.

2. Choose multi-functional and minimalist patio furniture.

When it comes to smaller patios, furniture can make or break your tinier space.

It’s important to choose furniture that doesn’t overcrowd your small patio. Outfit your tiny space with simple or minimalist patio furniture. You can spruce up simpler, streamlined furniture pieces with colorful cushions and pillows. Also, keep in mind furniture that can provide dual purposes.

For example, if you’d like some patio storage, consider an end table with drawers or sofa with built-in storage.

You can incorporate a terrarium in your coffee table. You can also find pieces that are rearrangeable or modular. Don’t forget to choose furniture that is waterproof or water resistant, even if your outdoor patio has some protection from the elements.

Adirondack chairs are a common addition to most patios.

They are comfortable and versatile if chosen well. Plus, they can give your patio an inviting, expansive feel. This is the most important aspect of all when it comes to small patios!

3. Plant a garden.

One of the best small patio ideas is already on your spring to-do list.

Planting a garden in your backyard is a great way to make your small patio inviting and give it a sense of purpose. After all, you have to cross through the patio to get to your garden! Plant a garden alongside your new walkway leading to your patio, or put planters in your patio itself.

When relaxing on your patio, you and your guests will be focusing on the garden rather than the sense of a smaller space.

4. Make use of lights.

In a home, lighting is everything.

In a small patio, lights can quickly transform a tinier space into a comfortable oasis. Put up string lights or hang lanterns from walls or canopies. Choose soft, simple lights or those with artistic flair to make your space inviting and dreamy.

Set candles on coffee or end tables or line your patio wall with votive candles.

Try using lights that are different from those in your home, to make the patio feel like a separate and more magical space.

5. Think of your patio as an extension of your home.

When looking for small patio ideas, some homeowners overlook this important tip.

Your patio may be outdoors, but it is still part of your home. And when we think of “home,” we think of comfort, relaxation, and personality. Add all of these qualities to your outdoor tiny patio and it will become an extension of your home.

Spruce up patio furniture with welcoming and colorful pillows or throws. Choose colors that match indoor themes.

If your patio setting permits, hang up paintings or wall art consistent with those inside of your home.

Some homeowners treat their patios like their living rooms, depending on the patio. They lay out rugs and use accent tables. Your imagination is your limit here. Once you think of your patio as another “room” in your home, it will come to life no matter how tiny it is.

6. Rely on lush greenery–everywhere.

One of the best small patio ideas is to pull your visitors’ eyes away from anything that gives a hint that your patio is tiny.

Using plants of all kinds is a great way to add a new focus to your patio and give it an inviting and lush feel. Hanging plants gives a tinier patio lift and elegance–and hides those pesky, small walls!

Think about bringing in easy-to-care-for air plants in unique holders.

If you have potted plants, make sure the pots don’t take up too much space. The emphasis should be on the greenery.

Your patio may have walls that extend into your yard or attach to your house. Take full advantage of these. You can put potted plants on top of this wall or, depending on the material of the structure, fix them into the wall itself.

Think greenhouse here, and your tiny patio space will become magically larger.

7. Keep your tiny patio clutter-free and organized.

Disorganization is the first thing to go when it comes to making use of a small space.

This is especially true for small patios. Because it is an outdoor space, and in many cases attached to a yard, the patio is a prime spot for messiness and clutter. Maximize your small patio potential by relying on simple organizational tools.

Have coat racks or hooks lining the wall next to the patio door. Lay down heavy duty, artsy rugs to prevent the tracking in of mud and dirt.

Create a designated spot for shoes, preferably at the patio’s edge. Use trays for empty glasses and plates or wall racks for supplies. Put your small patio on your Saturday cleaning list to make sure it stays as pristine as the rest of your home.


These small patio ideas are your key to maximizing tiny backyard space.

It’s amazing how just a few mindful techniques can transform a small patio into a space of luxury and comfort.

Choosing a specific type of patio furniture, considering your patio’s surrounding space, and extending your interior decorating into your patio are all simple ways of turning your tiny patio into an expansive one.

Get started on maximizing your small patio today!

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