Here’s How to Choose Cohesive Outdoor Decor

outdoor decorWhen it comes to planning your outdoor decor, the world is your oyster. With the great variety of styles and materials available for outdoor furniture, you can truly create any look you want.

In fact, the hardest part might be making it all fit together!

So how do you create cohesion with your outdoor decor while still creating a look that is uniquely your own? This article will show you how!

Plan Your Outdoor Decor Around How You’ll Use It

You’ve got to figure out what furniture you will need in your backyard.

To make sure you really get the most out of your outdoor space, consider what you most like to use it for.

Do you see yourself hosting lots of outdoor gatherings? You’ll need a lot more seating and table space than if you will be using the space primarily for some fresh air and sunshine while you read a book.

Why not have a backyard that can do it all, you might ask?

Planning the priorities for your space doesn’t mean you have to give up on other uses. Instead, it just means figuring out what is most important and using that to guide your decisions.

For example, if you are only going to entertain groups every once in a while, maybe consider using fold-away tables and chairs only when you need them. This will leave room in your yard for furniture that you will use all the time.

This way, your yard won’t feel crowded with furniture.

Create Cohesion With Similar Materials

One of the easiest ways to make your outdoor furniture feel cohesive is keeping the material consistent.

If all of the furniture is made out of the same type of wood with similar staining, it will really make it all look like it fits together.

An easy way to make sure your furniture all works together is to check out furniture sets. In addition to being made of the same material, they’ll also be styled in the same way, making sure nothing looks out of place.

Plus, if all your furniture is of the same wood, it is easy to create an even more polished look by incorporating outdoor decor made with another type of material. For example, if you could use metal planters and accent pieces to add some interest to the cohesive furniture.

Use Accent Pieces to Make Your Yard Pop

Accent pieces are a great way to add some color and vitality into your yard.

Brightly colored and patterned throw pillows are a great way to add your personal flair and style on top of classic wood furniture.

The same rules that you use to decorate indoors also work for outdoor decor. Choose a color palate of just a few colors at maximum. Only using a few colors will keep it from feeling too busy, and maximize the impact.

You can use solid colors and different patterns to add even more interest. If you’re using multiple patterns, try not to use more than two. One bold pattern, one simple complimentary one, and some solid pillows to balance it out will make sure the patterning doesn’t become overpowering.

In addition to pillows, you can work in other accent pieces to really make the space feel put together. Try finding candles that complement your pillow color palate. Planters and potted flowers on display can brighten up a patio or deck.

There are even outdoor carpets and rugs that can make a patio feel like a living room. Just make sure to find one with a material that will last outside.

The great thing about investing in solid furniture and spicing it up with pillows and other accents means that you can change it up as your style changes without needing to go to a huge expense. Instead of buying new furniture when you want a change in outdoor decor, a few new pillows and decorations will make your yard feel brand new.

Create Separate Spaces Within Your Yard

Depending on the size of your yard, creating separate spaces within it can really take your yard to the next level.

Arrange some chairs and side tables with an outdoor rug underfoot to make an outdoor living room.

Put a garden bench actually in your garden to create a tranquil leafy escape.

Separating your yard into areas based on use will make your outdoor decor feel more planned and cohesive. Just make sure to carry the same design elements, such as pillows, throughout!

You can even hang drapes made from an outdoor-safe fabric to really create a closed off space. Plus, drapes will block the wind and harsh sun, creating a comfortable oasis if you live in a hot climate.

Let There Be Light!

Don’t forget light features when you’re thinking about your outdoor decor!

Whether you’re thinking of lanterns, fairy lights, candles, or full light fixtures, good lighting can make your yard feel homey and welcoming no matter how late your next BBQ runs.

Plus, features like lanterns and table lamps will also make good decorations during the day too.

You can get very creative with your outdoor decor lighting choices. They will add unique style and flair to your yard in addition to being functional.

Wrapping Up

We’ve gone through some of the best ways that you can make sure your outdoor decor goes together.

With good planning from the outset, deciding how to furnish your yard based on how you’ll use it, you can customize it for your own family.

Then, investing in solid, long lasting furniture in similar materials will give you a strong foundation to build off of. Accent pieces like pillows and rugs are where you can bring in color and really show off your style. Plus, you can change it up inexpensively to always keep your yard feeling fresh!

Have questions about what furniture would suit your yard, or do you have a specific piece in mind? Contact us today¬†and get on your way to having the yard you’ve always wanted.

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