Rustic Patio Furniture Ideas for a Complete Deck Upgrade

rustic patio furnitureAre you planning your biggest outdoor party ever? Does your patio need a bit of TLC?

Rustic patio furniture can make all the difference in the aesthetic of your backyard.

We put together a collection of the best tips, tricks, and ideas when it comes to furnishing an outdoor space to help take the guesswork out of rustic patio furniture design.

Check out these awesome tips!

Rustic Patio Furniture Ideas For The Coolest Deck Upgrade

These tips and ideas are great for just about any patio or deck space.

First Things First – Invest In Quality Furnishings

It may be appealing to purchase inexpensive poorly-made rustic patio furniture for your patio makeover, but in the long run, that choice could end up costing you more money.

Cheap furnishings don’t last as long– that’s just a fact. Poor quality wood will deteriorate quickly, and suddenly your beautiful new patio will start looking dilapidated before you know it.

Investing in quality rustic patio furniture that will last longer will ensure that you won’t have to take another trip to the furniture store anytime soon.

Cooler Tables

Built-in cooler tables are all the rage now. These neat tables allow you to have your cooler right in the middle of the table where your guests will be sitting and relaxing. No need to get up and dig through a cooler at your next party!

Surprisingly, cooler tables aren’t too pricey to make on your own. There are tons of DIY cooler table tutorials around the web.

Rugs Galore

Your outdoor space will absolutely need a few rugs. Outdoor rugs add a pop of color and a sense of warmth to an outdoor space.

Rustic and homey outdoor rugs can vary greatly to match your patio’s look, but keeping it simple with simple patterns and a durable wicker material.

Wine Barrel Side Tables

If you want to implement a few DIY elements to your outdoor patio space, consider flipping over a couple of repurposed wine barrels and using them as side tables!

The wood and metal mix is very rustic while also providing space for planters, candles, and drinks to be set.

If you want to spruce up the wine barrels you find, try using a nice lacquer or stain on the wood for a more finished look.

Outdoor Bar

Nothing says party like an outdoor bar!

Forget rummaging through coolers and crowding the kitchen to mix drinks. Outdoor bars are so unbelievably easy to make on your own, and you can totally add a rustic, country flair to it.

Making a folding bar is super easy. You can keep it simple by purchasing a multi-square hanging shelf and securely drilling it into your outdoor wall, then adding a cabinet door to the bottom for a fold-out bar experience.

You can store liquor and glasses inside, and while the bar is close, you can decorate the top of the shelf with rustic items like plants, flowers, metal tins, and other things.

Keep It Comfortable

Rustic patio spaces should be comfortable, warm, and appealing. Be sure to dress up your space with an ample amount of the following:

  • Soda and chair cushions
  • Throw pillows
  • Large knit blankets
  • Rugs
  • Curtains

You’ll notice a huge difference in how much you use your outdoor space when it becomes softer and more comfortable. Using neutral and warm-toned colors will add even more of a cozy factor as well.

Rustic Metal Bucket Decor

How easy is this DIY idea? Simply take a couple of old rusty metals buckets you have around, clean them up, paint them if you wish, then fill them with stuff.

Depending on the aesthetic of your patio, there’s a ton of different things you could fill your decorative buckets with:

  • Pine cones
  • Flowers
  • Vining plants
  • Decorative rocks
  • Logs or firewood
  • Blankets
  • Stones with candles

The possibilities are endless! Place your buckets on tables or scattered around your patio for a rustic, country look.

Privacy Means Peace

A peaceful party becomes distraction-free (for both you and your guests as well as your neighbors) when there’s a clear divide in space and privacy.

Consider investing in some tall shrubbery to line your patio area. Fences can feel cold and closed-in, while tall plants or small dense trees can add just enough privacy to an outdoor space without feeling like a jail.

Plus, nothing’s quite as rustic as a decent amount of nature incorporated into a space.


Lattices are super simple to make on your own. A wooden square lattice wall can help break up a large patio by clearly defining different areas.

For example, the space where your guests enter the patio from the house could feature a comfortable sitting area. Just around the corner of the wooden lattice, there is a patio table with chairs for enjoying food.

You can go the extra mile and set up 10-20 small metal bucket planters with vining plants near the lattice to add a more nature-inspired element to your overall patio look.

Wooden Pallets Galore

Wood pallets are a favorite in the DIY world for giving any space a more woody country look. Plus, wood palettes are easy to find for cheap or even free.

For your rustic outdoor space, you could stack a couple of palettes, nail them together, give them a fresh coat of paint or varnish if you wish, and use them as tables.

The look is so cute and this DIY project is just too easy not to try.

Metal Milk Can Planter

Remember metal milk cans? You can find these babies on just about any country farm.

Once they begin to rust, they are typically thrown away or sold for cheap.

These old metal milk cans have the coolest rustic oxidized look to them, and they make fantastic planters.

Simply fill your milk can with dirt and plant elegant foliage and flowers.

The lid doesn’t have to be tossed out, either. Try strategically placing the lid next to the planter and “garnishing” with fake foliage near the bottom.

The end result is super cute and adds a farm feel to your patio space.

Prep For Your Awesome Outdoor Party!

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