5 Reasons to Choose Western Red Cedar Furniture for Your Patio

Grey Western Red Cedar weathered


Still searching for the perfect outdoor furniture for your patio? From plastic and poly wood to oak and cedar, patio furniture is available in a wide variety of materials. Among the greatest materials, however, is western red cedar, as it offers several unique benefits that make it ideal for outdoor use.

Unique, Attractive Appearance

There’s no denying the fact that western red cedar furniture possesses an attractive appearance that’s not found in other materials. Thanks to its soft red-brown color and straight grain, it offers a high level of aesthetics that’s perfect for patios and other outdoor areas. Of course, this is just one of the many reasons why you should choose western red cedar furniture for your patio.


Unless you’ve felt one in person, you might be surprised to learn just how lightweight western cedar furniture is. Once dried, it is roughly 30% lighter than mahogany and similar hardwoods. This makes it an excellent choice for outdoor tables and chairs, as well as boating materials. Western red cedar is even used in “sandwich construction” to produce mid-sized boats for this very reason.

Resistant to Decay

When choosing outdoor furniture for the patio, you need to consider its susceptibility to decay. Even if your patio is covered, the humidity from being outdoors can wreck havoc on certain types of outdoor furniture. Moisture vapor from the air (humidity) will seep down into the pores, causing it to rot and decay. Thankfully, though, this isn’t a problem with western red cedar, as it possesses natural oils that protect against decay.

Resistant to Insect

In addition to its decay-resistant properties, western red cedar is also resistant to insects. Granted, most insects do not pose a threat to western red cedar. There are some, however, that seek to bore holes into hardwood materials. Because it contains aromatic oils, western red cedar is generally protected against many of these wood-boring insects. The aroma produced by these natural oils acts as a powerful insect repellent, deterring these otherwise destructive insects.

Smart Investment

Last but not least, western red cedar furniture is a smart investment. Whether you choose a single chair or entire dining set, you have to think of it as just that: an investment. Sure, you can buy cheap plastic furniture at a lower price, but this is one case in which the mantra “you get what you pay for” holds true. If you want your new furniture to last – and you should – it’s recommended that you choose western red cedar.

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