How to Make a Small Patio Appear Larger


It’s difficult to use a patio to its full potential when it’s small relative to the rest of the home. One option is to physically expand the patio, but another option is to apply decorating and design techniques to make it appear larger. Granted, the latter isn’t going to increase the size of your patio, but rather it will create the perception of a larger patio.

Start With the Landscape

So, how can you make a small patio appear larger? Start by reevaluating the surrounding landscape, trimming away overgrown brush, removing unnecessary plants, and allowing greater clearance between the patio and the yard. Doing these otherwise simple tasks will make a world of difference in the appearance of your patio, allowing for a fuller and more complete look.

Remove Clutter

The next step involves removing any and all clutter from your patio. I think we’ve all been guilty of allowing tools, debris and other items to accumulate on the patio. When this occurs, it will negatively affect the aesthetics of your patio, making it appear smaller and more confined, which of course is something you’ll want to avoid if your patio is already small. Go through and remove the clutter to enhance your patio’s appearance.

Consolidate Furniture

Another helpful tip to make your patio appear larger is to consolidate the furniture. How many pieces of furniture are currently on your patio? If there’s half a dozen or more, then it’s probably time to remove some pieces. Focusing on just a few high-quality furniture pieces will prove far more effective than six or more low-quality pieces. One idea is to place a couple Adirondack chairs alongside a small table, as this possesses a classic, stylish décor that’s perfect for small patios.

Cool Colors

Certain colors will create the appearance of a larger area. When dealing with a small patio, stick with cool colors like blue, green, gray, white and beige, while avoiding warm colors like red.

Utilize Lighting

Don’t underestimate the impact that lighting plays in your patio’s décor. When there’s not enough lighting present, it will create an optical illusion in which your patio appears smaller than what it really is. You can prevent this from happening, however, by installing additional lighting on and around your patio. Outdoor chandeliers are an excellent choice, but if you’re looking for a more “unique” approach, try string lights. Not only are they stylish, but string lights are small, easy to install, and incredibly versatile.

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