How to Make Your Patio Look More Inviting



Many homeowners are guilty of neglecting their patio décor, assuming it has little-of-no influence over their home’s appearance. But the patio is an extension of your home, and should be treated as such. Turning a blind eye to this area will take away from your home’s aesthetics, creating the impression of a poorly decorated atmosphere. You can spruce up your patio and make it look more inviting, however, by following the tips listed below.


Eliminate the Clutter


You can’t expect to create an attractive, welcoming patio without first eliminating the clutter. Are there old boxes, tools, gardening equipment or other items left out? If so, go through your patio and remove these items. A cluttered patio is bad “feng shui,” as it promotes negative energy that deters people from using it. So, keep your home’s patio clean and clutter-free.


Add Color


Colors can make or break the patio décor. Some homeowners toss a variety of colors onto their patio, which in turn creates a lackluster, messy appearance. A smarter approach is to choose a universal theme that’s centered around a particular color palette. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to limit yourself to a single color, but rather use a combination of colors that match and flow cohesively together. Bright colors like orange and yellow tend to work particularly well on the patio, as they lighten mood while bringing energy to the atmosphere.


Use Comfortable Seating


We can’t talk about ways to create a more inviting and attractive patio without mentioning seating. Rather than using cheap, low-quality plastic chairs and tables, it’s recommended that you invest in high-quality seating for your patio. Chairs made of cedar or teak wood are excellent choices, as they offer the perfect combination of comfort, style and durability, all of which are paramount for patio furniture.


In addition to the material from which patio furniture is made, you should also consider the type/style of furniture. Adirondack and chaise loungers have become a popular choice, and for good reason: they offer a superior level of comfort that’s not found in other outdoor seating options.


Define the Walkways


Are family members and guests forced to walk through a maze of obstacles just to reach the patio? If so, you should tackle this problem by clearing the walkways and making them more visible. Overgrown brush, for instance, should be eliminated to promote cleaner walkways. And if necessary, consider restructuring your sidewalk so it’s more convenient to use.

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