5 Things to Look for in Outdoor Furniture


#1) Color and Style

When choosing outdoor furniture for your patio or deck, consider its color and style and how it relates to the surrounding décor. If the environment is mostly decorated with black, modern furnishings and accessories, then you should choose furniture with a similar design. Or if your patio is decorated with vintage and antique items, you should choose vintage outdoor furniture. Following this simple rule will create a cohesive appearance in which all of the elements flow together in a natural manner.

#2) Waterproof

Outdoor furniture should either be made of a waterproof material, or it should feature some type of waterproof coating. Untreated oak chairs are susceptible to damage when left outdoors. The rain and moisture will settle into the pores of the wood, causing it to rot from the inside out. There’s nothing worse than buying a brand new set of outdoor furniture, only to discover that it’s rotted just a couple months later. Thankfully, there are several different types of outdoor chairs and furniture that are waterproof, including treated cedar.

#3) Comfort

Not all outdoor furniture is made equal. Some pieces offer an ergonomic design that’s optimized for a high level of comfort, whereas others are comparable to sitting on a rock. Consider the design of the furniture and its ergonomics. The adirondack chair is an excellent example of a well-designed piece of furniture that’s made with an emphasis on comfort. It’s hard to describe just how comfortable the adirondack chair is without experiencing it for yourself. The wide, elongated arms and slanted back rest contour to the shape of the human body when sitting.

#4) Cushions or No Cushions?

Certain types of outdoor furniture may come with padded cushions for extra support. Unfortunately, though, most fabric-based cushions are not designed for outdoor use. They may hold up just fine for a couple of months, but the fabric will eventually become saturated with moisture, at which point it will begin to develop mold and mildew. Does this mean you should avoid purchasing outdoor furniture with cushions? Not necessarily, as you can always remove the cushions and bring them inside.

#5) Maintenance

How much maintenance (if any) does it require? This is a yet another consideration to make when choosing outdoor furniture. Depending on the material from which it is made, outdoor furniture may require little-to-no maintenance. But some pieces may require regular cleanings and applications of water-protection finishes.


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