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Understanding the Benefits of Red Cedar Furniture

The warm gentle caress of the sun on your skin. The kiss of the breeze on¬†your face. The cool sensation filling you up as the ice-cold lemonade dances on your tongue on this beautiful autumn day. Fully supported in your sturdy cedar Adirondack chair. Reclining ever so slightly. Feeling at peace. Comfortable. You are at […]

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Tips for Buying Adirondack Chairs and Other Patio Furniture

Tired of looking out back and not liking what you see? Do your want patio furniture that your neighbors dream about? Adirondack chairs provide classic, comfortable outdoor seating that is consistently featured by today’s trendsetting and trusted sources for outdoor furnishings. They are a simple but attractive¬†addition to patios, lawns, and porches that fit with […]

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